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  • Addressable Fire Alarm System

    Addressable Fire Alarm System The detection principle of an Addressable System (Fire Alarm System) is similar to a Conventional System except that the Control Panel can determine exactly which detector or call point has initiated the alarm. The detection circuit is wired as a loop and multi devices may be connected to each loop. The detectors are essentially Conventional Detectors, with an address built in. The address in each detector is set by dil switches and the Control Panel is programmed to display the information required when that particular detector is operated. Additional Field Devices are available which may be wired to the loop for detection only i.e. it is possible to detect a normally open contact closing such as sprinkler flow switch, or a normally closed contact opening. Sounders are wired in a minimum of two sounder circuits exactly as a Conventional System. Loop Isolation Modules are available for fitting on to the detection loop/loops such that the loop is sectioned in order to ensure that a short circuit, or one fault will only cause. Fire Alarm System comes with single loop as well as multi loops. It depends on requirement. The items which are integrated with Fire Alarm Systems are given below…. Devices (1) Smoke Sensor / Detector (2) Heat Sensor / Detector (3) Beam Detector (4) Manual Call Point (5) Response Indicator (6) Input Module (7) Monitor Module (8) Sounder

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